…and Solution: Hanging Water Tank

If the buildings in the city are equipped with the Hanging Water Tank and Skin Roofing, rain water is collected in the urban system itself. The water is stored upon the roofs and in green building facades and can be released whenever it is wanted. This opens up new possibilities for the people to use rain water where usually ground water was applied. This makes the tapping of ground water superfluous.


On top of that, modest measures at street level provide the possibility of rain water infiltration. Controlled infiltration of the rain water in the city soil comes close to the natural situation of the unused land. Now the ground water can be replenished. Continuing recuperation of the water can even restore the natural ground water level.


In the ideal situation a new state of equilibrium is obtained. Rain water is collected and used in the city and its soil. The ground water level has returned to its natural state. And the city vegetation can reach the ground water and can grow and bloom without added irrigation measures. The urban system has become part of and even contributes to a new natural situation.