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The Rainwater Expert

A perky and innovative architect, green visionary, and life philosopher. Bert Dautzenberg is an experienced and courageous entrepreneur. He has travelled around the world for new inspiration and authentic experiences. He puts design beyond the object itself, towards functionality and environment friendliness, as a pragmatic response to the urban challenges today.

About Bert

I am genuinely committed to making our planet greener and cooler. Especially in the urban environment, a lot can be gained by innovative solutions and change in behaviour. For years, I have dedicated my work in my areas of interest with great energy.

As a senior consultant with expertise in urban greening, I advise on small- and large-scale projects. An example is the Hanging Water Tank in Liaoning (China). This project was realized in Dalian, with subsidy from the Dutch Government and in cooperation with Hengji Water Company providing the conditions for the innovative urban water system.

I have a lot of experience with greening urban areas and existing buildings, such as the Sponge Building, a sedum roof development with rainwater storage in the roof. This innovation has also been successfully implemented at Plinthos Sweikhuizen, Mutsaers Stichting Venlo.

Project management

My key word in projects is ‘turnkey’, ensuring that a project is delivered completely ready for use. With every green development, I initiate and manage the entire process, including budget responsibility. In particular, construction projects that require a rainwater solution are my forte.

In addition to full project supervision, I’m flexible and think out-of-the-box. Connecting people is at the heart of my way of working; I am particularly adept at connecting businesses and governments. My intuition guides me to solutions in harmony with the natural and human environment, engaging those involved as much as possible in the greening process.

Bert’s Motto: “Look for the fringe of simplicity”


 You can’t make the planet greener on your own. For this, I work with, among others:

Portfolio (non-exhaustive)

  • Making Chengdu the greenest city in China
  • Furnishing gardens Castle Estate Alden Biesen ( )
  • Maze in Shanghai made from waste with pupils Wolfert College Rotterdam ( partner city Shanghai )
  • Day care and activity organisation De Groene Lijn ( )
  • Extension of youth care, GGZ, welfare and education centre Plinthos ( Mutsaersstichting / )


  • Sponge Building
  • HangingWaterTank
  • GreenARTInternational
Bert Dautzenberg