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Beijing Expo 2019

 Hanging Water Tank 

 Innovative Urban Watersystem 

Update June 2019

Vision, smell, taste, touch and hear

The first visitors and some facts

Horticultural Expo 2019 Beijing opened to the public on 29 April 2019.

Theme: “Live Green, Live Better”
Date: 29 April – 7 October 2019
Expected visitors: 16.000.000

Design and build on the Beijing Expo 2019

Hanging Water Tank is showing on this year’s Beijing Expo 2019. The design and build of the pavilion has been on the way since mid-2018. In early 2018 the design was made by Bert Dautzenberg and Ronald Zeilstra to show the qualities of the Hanging Water Tank technologies in a playful manner.

We choose the combination of a sensory green wall in combination with a bare footpath rooftop garden. Challenging the visitors to walk the bare footpath on typical Dutch wooden shoes and experience the green walls with their senses like taste, smell, sight and touch.

An Art installation is showing the symbolic holding and managing off rain water onto a green sponge building.

The pavilion with garden was then built on site in China with our local partners. Bert Dautzenberg and Xue Xu Min were responsible for the realisation of the pavilion before the grand opening.