Sponge building Dalian China

The first pilot of Hanging Water Tank in Liaoning, China was realized in Dalian, with subsidy from the Dutch government. Hengji Water was the cooperating company that provided a roof for the innovative urban water system. This water treatment company is highly ranked in sustainability and wanted to be the first to have Hanging Water Tank on the roof. The project started at the beginning of 2017. In April most of the construction works were done by Green Art International. All materials were supplied by local companies. The rooftop was equipped with three samples of SkinRoofing. The first was just the plain roof with gravel, the second was covered with sedum plants and the third was overgrown with urban agriculture. In this pilot project the following parts of the HWT‐system were applied: SkinRoofing, in three different sections mentioned before, HWT‐drainy rain pipe, and a green wall, supplied by Sempergreen. The eventually overflowing water irrigates the surrounding garden with orchards and viticulture. The whole system is equipped with measuring instruments, which can be supervised in the Netherlands via Wifi. The project opened at the first of June 2017 with a festive seminar.